I founded Trident Financial Planning, LLC with the vision of providing an elite level of financial planning to younger generations of savers and investors. In my experience, this segment is underserved and overlooked by the vast majority of financial services firms due to several reasons.

  • First, financial technology (FinTech) has evolved to reach a newer generation of tech-savvy, highly-connected clientele, but financial services firms are slow to embrace the changes. According to Cerulli research, the average age of a financial advisor is 50.9, and 43% are over the age of 55. And while experience is crucial to help guide clients during turbulent times, many seasoned advisors are reluctant to embrace the technology tools and skill taken for granted by younger generations. These tools can allow for a much richer, interactive relationship between the advisor and the client, and older advisors who avoid these enhancements do so at their own peril.
  • Second, prospective clients of financial services firms are evaluated based on standards that typically don't apply to XY generation clients and are therefore deemed unprofitable. Currently, to catch the attention of a quality financial planner, a prospective client must first already have accumulated the minimum assets necessary to make the relationship profitable for the planner. These minimums can be a high hurdle for younger investors who are in the early stages of their careers. It's ironic that while the benefits of quality financial planning can dramatically impact the lives of clients over many years and decades, advisors seem to avoid the younger generations upon whom their services can have the greatest impact.
  • Lastly, younger investors are busy. Sometimes, and I'm just as guilty as the next person, the most important, yet boring, tasks are the first to be put off to the future. Between running a business, raising a family, maintaining a house, staying active and connected with friends and family, and everything else that comes up during the day, the last thing I want to devote time to is managing household finances (luckily, it's my full-time job). When including the first two points made above, the typical financial services firm is not yet geared up to provide quality financial planning to younger clients who would benefit from the time-saving, value-adding components of the service.

Foundational Wealth, my monthly subscription service that provides the benefits of financial planning (see Values of Financial Planning) at a cost affordable to most busy, professional households. I designed the service to confront nearly every aspect of financial planning on one integrated platform:

  • Goal-based Financial Planning (Money Guide Pro™) - Industry-leading financial planning software provides a collaborative and interactive planning experience to see where you stand on the progress to your goals. 
  • Account Aggregation (eMoney/Yodlee™) - Stay organized with an account aggregation tool that automatically syncs all of your financial accounts to your financial plan for instant feedback. Track your spending, saving, and investments to keep you on track toward your goals. 
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis (FinaMetrica™) - Investing requires a thorough understanding of your attitude towards risk. Properly balancing your assets according to your risk tolerance will allow your investments to grow during good times while staying in your comfort zone during periods of volatility. 
  • Virtual Vault ( eMoney/Dropbox™) - Get organized and stay organized with a secure, cloud-based vault to store all of your important documents and information. 
  • Unlimited email support, virtual conferencing, periodic reviews - the best part of the program is me, an experienced, Certified Financial Planner™ professional always available to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, and keep you accountable on the progress towards your financial goals.  

Imagine having all of the benefits of a seasoned financial planning firm provided to you on an efficient, technology-centered platform, all for around the cost of your cell phone plan. You care about your family and you want to feel confident in the financial decisions you make for their future. Foundational Wealth can provide you the resources, support, and guidance to achieve your financial objectives and free up your time to spend doing what you enjoy with those you love.