Foundational Wealth

Family focused Financial guidance 

Foundational Wealth is our premier financial planning suite of services designed to achieve the future you envision for your family. Through an established process, we work closely with you to evaluate your current situation, clarify your short and long term objectives, and implement a financial plan suited to your unique needs, values, and goals. 


In the SEAL Teams, any complicated task follows a well-designed process to reduce the chances of mistakes or something being overlooked or forgotten. Even experienced fighter pilots will carefully follow detailed checklists that include even the most basic tasks for flying an airplane. 

We approach your financial plan the same way, covering virtually every aspect from accumulating your wealth over the course of your investing career to leaving a meaningful legacy to your children or a charitable organization about which you feel passionate.  Along the way, it's important your family is protected from the unknown. So, we continuously manage risks in your financial plan. 

Foundational Wealth Programs

Depending on whether you're looking for a full diagnostic with ongoing implementation and support from an advisor or you just have a few items to check off your list, we offer straight-forward, transparent pricing using either a project-based or a retainer program. 

Trident Financial Planning is a fee-only firm, so we are paid solely by our clients and will accept no other form of compensation. No commissions, kickbacks, or referral fees.

Comprehensive Financial planning

For full-service, comprehensive financial planning, Trident Financial Planning works on a retainer basis. That means for a flat fee, you gain full access to your professional advisor anytime you have questions, concerns, or your plan needs updating. 

ongoing financial guidance program

Get the same thoroughness with ongoing support and implementation of the recommended action items with professional support from your advisor. Fees can be billed monthly or quarterly depending on your preference and you'll have access to your customized personal website and financial planning dashboard. Also, we discount our investment management fees if you subscribe to our ongoing services.

  • Key Highlights:

    • Address key planning needs of retirement planning, investment allocation, risk management, and cash flow management

    • Project-style financial plan created and delivered, implemented on your schedule

      • Initial consultation for evaluation, analysis, design, and implementation of financial plan

      • Full implementation of initial plan's action items

      • Unlimited phone and email support with your advisor to implement and monitor your plan

    • Connect all of your accounts easily with your Personal Financial Website including:

      • Complete financial account aggregation on your personal dashboard

      • Online Virtual Vault for secure storage and transmission of important financial documents

      • Access to your personalized page for interactive financial planning

      • Screen-sharing, streamlined communications, and account support

    • Planning and coordination in advanced areas of insurance, tax, and estate

  • Cost:

    • $1,000 one-time setup fee;

    • $1,800 – $5,000/year, depending on complexity, but typically:

      • Single client: $1,800 - $3,000/year

      • Couples: $2,400 - $4,200/year

      • Couples with children: $2,400 - $5,000/year

        • paid monthly

      • Investment Stewardship fee schedule reduced by 0.25%–0.50% for investment management services

Project Based (inquire for availability) 


  • For smaller projects, you can hire Trident Financial Planning on a project basis to evaluate a specific challenge or issue you may be facing. 

    • Examples include: review of employee benefits, asset allocation design, life insurance policy design, accumulation planning, college planning, budgeting and debt reduction, etc.

    • Includes phone and virtual support during data gathering, and in-person or virtual meeting to review the project results.

    • Not a comprehensive financial planning engagement.

  • Cost: $500 - $1,000, depending on the scope of the project