Investment Stewardship



  • As a stand-alone service or to complement your Foundational Wealth engagement, Trident Financial Planning offers full portfolio management services to align your investments to your financial objectives. 



  • Key Highlights:
    • Asset Allocation based on your risk tolerance and time horizon
    • Passive, low-cost investment philosophy using no-load funds and ETFs
    • Annual and threshold rebalancing back to your original allocation
    • Quarterly investment reports and annual face-to-face/virtual reviews
    • No platform or annual account fees. Please see Form ADV Part II for more details on transaction fees by custodian
    • Assistance with account transfers, consolidation, and ongoing contributions or distributions


  • Cost: Fees are assessed on assets under management (AUM) by Trident Financial Planning, LLC
    • Fee schedule is flat and based on first dollar:
      • $1 - $499,999  --------------------------- 1.25%
      • $500,000 - $999,999 ------------------- 1.00%
      • $1,000,000 - $2,499,999 -------------- 0.75%
      • $2,500,000+ ----------------------------- negotiable
    • Based on average daily balance, billed quarterly, and in arrears
    • Advisory fees debited directly from your managed accounts for your convenience
    • Engagement in ongoing financial planning services reduces the above fee schedule by 0.25%–0.50%