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New to financial planning?

Want a quick checkup on your current situation? 

myMoneyGuide®, delivered by PIEtech℠ is an easy, affordable solution to the challenges that caused you to seek out Trident Financial Planning. Designed around the same software that many advisory firms, including Trident Financial Planning, consider to be the best financial planning suite on the market, myMoneyGuide® can help you eliminate uncertainty, seize control of your retirement preparation, and accomplish your most important financial objectives.

We understand the cost of a full planning engagement may seem rather steep, especially if you've never experienced the benefits of working with a fee-only planning firm or if you prefer the DIY method, but just want a little guidance from a professional when you need it. The Quick Start Program is a great first step towards better financial health. 


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Choose your level of commitment

Armed with your results, you decide what's next. Included with your purchase is the opportunity to review your results with us by scheduling a one-hour phone consultation to get feedback, ask questions, or discuss other services provided by Trident Financial Planning at no further obligation or commitment. 

If you decide to begin an engagement with us under the Foundational Wealth or Investment Stewardship programs, the cost of your Quick Start Program will be credited towards your cost if you hire us within 12 months following your purchase.


myMoneyGuide® is a guided planning experience delivered by PIEtech℠ that can help you create a customized financial plan focused on your goals, concerns and expectations. A plan can help you make the most of your resources and prepare you for things that can financially hurt your retirement.

Included in your purchase is one hour of phone support with a Trident Financial Planning Certified Financial Planner™ to review your personalized results and ask follow-up questions – a $250 value and a great way to improve your odds of success.

In addition, the cost of your purchase will be credited towards any engagement with Trident Financial Planning in the next 12 months. 

Get started on your plan today with myMoneyGuide®.

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Once you complete your plan, you will have full access to your lab for 14 days to review your results, explore the PlayZone™, and connect with the chat support.

To schedule your one hour phone consultation with Trident Financial Planning, click here or go to the Contact tab in the banner section at the top of this webpage and request a phone consultation.

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