For Richer or For Poorer

...For Richer or For Poorer?


For Richer or For Poorer

...For Richer or For Poorer?

Let's go with Option A.


You know you want to spend the future together, you're just not entirely sure what that looks like. In fact, you might have different ideas for how you'd like to spend the different stages of the rest of your lives. Regardless of your similarities and differences, at some point your goals are going to involve money. 

According to a recent Money Magazine poll, 70% of couples fight about finances. In extreme cases, money has contributed to the failure of many marriages or partnerships. Don't let it happen to you. Invest in your future together with a clear picture of the lives you want to build together. Most importantly, determine how to pay for it. 

The Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of Its Individual Parts
— Aristotle

Foundational Wealth

Foundational Wealth is our premier financial planning suite of services designed to reduce the uncertainty and stress around money and help you achieve the future you envision together. We work closely with you through our established process  to evaluate your current situation, clarify your short and long term objectives, and implement a financial plan suited to your unique needs, values, and goals.

As its name implies, we build the foundation upon which your financial house is built.



Depending on whether you're looking for a full diagnostic with ongoing implementation and support from an advisor or you just have a few items to check off your list, we offer straight-forward, transparent pricing using either a one-time project or an ongoing relationship. 

Trident Financial Planning is a fee-only firm, so we are paid solely by our clients and will accept no other form of compensation. No commissions, kickbacks, or referral fees. 

What describes you?

We want answers!

Over the course of three meetings, we'll work together to take a full inventory of your finances and deliver to you a comprehensive plan of action. With your plan in hand and a clear idea of what's ahead, you will have the information you will need to plot the course of your financial future together.

  • Key Highlights:

    • Address key planning needs of retirement planning, investment allocation, risk management, and cash flow management

    • Comprehensive financial plan created and delivered through a three-meeting process

      1. Get Talking - (60 minutes)

        • Take inventory of your financial lives

        • Organize important documents

        • Evaluate your financial situation

      2. Get a Plan - (60 – 90 minutes)

        • Discuss your vision, values, and shared goals for your lives

        • Communicate beliefs and philosophies on money

        • Determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

      3. Get Going - (60 – 90 minutes)

        • Review and refine your recommendations

          • Action items and tasks based on urgency and priority

          • Recommendations for implementation

            • Investment Allocations

            • Budgeting and Cash Flow Projections

            • Debt Management and Credit Repair

            • Insurance Coverage and Risk Management

            • Review Employee Benefits

            • Tax Planning

            • Estate Documents

            • And more...

  • Your Investment (1/2 up front, 1/2 due at plan completion):

    • Couples, no children: $2,000 – $3,500

    • Couples, w/ children: $2,500 – $4,000

      • Cost ranges depending on complexity of situation included in the plan, such as business owners, stock option plans, prenuptial agreements, children from prior marriages, alternative assets, etc.

      • If during the process, you decide you'd like support and guidance by keeping Trident Financial Planning on retainer, your second half of the planning fee is waived!

we Want Answers...and support and guidance along the way!

Change is the only constant in life. As your lives and your plans change, Trident Financial Planning will guide and support you to make the best decisions for your future. 

Get the same thoroughness of the comprehensive planning package with ongoing support and implementation of the recommended action items with professional guidance from Trident Financial Planning. We follow the same comprehensive process to deliver to you your financial plan. But that's just where we get started. 

  • Key Highlights:

    • Full financial plan created, delivered, and implemented on your schedule.

    • Full implementation assistance of initial plan's action items

    • Unlimited phone and email support with your advisor to implement and monitor your plan

      • Monitoring and adjustments of your financial situation as your lives change

    • Personal Financial Website

      • Complete financial account aggregation on your personal dashboard

      • 24/7 access to your personalized page for interactive scenario planning

      • Online Secure Virtual Vault for secure storage and transmission of important financial documents

      • Updated planning and coordination in advanced areas of insurance, tax, and estate

    • Investment Stewardship of your investment accounts to implement and monitor your assets

      • Additional costs apply. Please see Form ADV Part II for more details on fees and costs.

    • Quarterly Progress Reports and Annual Goal Reviews to track your progress and keep you on the path to your goals.

    • Fiduciary guidance from a Certified Financial Planner™

  • Your Investment:

    • Couples, no children: $1,800 – $3,600/year

    • Couples, w/ children: $2,400 – $4,800/year

      • Billed monthly

      • Ranges depending on complexity of situation included in the plan, such as business owners, stock option plans, prenuptial agreements, children from prior marriages, alternative assets, etc.

    • Your second half of the Initial Plan Cost is waived and we get started immediately.

we Want Answers to a specific question! (inquire for availability)

  • For smaller projects, you can hire Trident Financial Planning on a project basis to evaluate a specific challenge or issue you may be facing. 

    • Examples include: review of employee benefits, asset allocation and portfolio design, life insurance policy design, accumulation planning, college planning, budgeting and debt reduction, etc.

    • Includes phone and virtual support during data gathering, and in-person or virtual meeting to review the project results.

    • Not a comprehensive financial planning engagement.

  • Cost: $500 - $1,000, depending on the scope of the project

Key Highlights

Key Highlights


Couples Face unique challenges